Kaching and eleven

Kaching is a new POS system that is used in the makeupstore eleven. We made a film that showed how that system works. We used stills from the film so to show in presentations.

The biggets challange with the film was to shoot the whole film in 1 +1/2 day and also making one tiny room look like the stoorage that eleven has in Västerås.


KACHING and Eleven

eleven is one of the first retail stores online in Sweden. They sell makeup online. eleven is one of the first retail stores together with Digital Inn in implementing Kaching into their POS system. This film shows what you are able to do with Kaching as a customer as well as in store and delivery. The film follows the singer Jessica as she is on her way to her own concert with the Sho Sho Sisters. She orders makeup that shows up backstage together with a makeup artist. The idea is to be able to move retail wherever you want. It is delivered to your home, office or wherever you might be.


Kaching in eleven Stores

See the results of the film here.


Behind the scenes

DOP: Gabriel Mkrttchian

Script/direction: Irene Lopez

Production: Scrive